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What casual shoes for men to wear in 2022?

Men are just as careful as women with the way they look, and this can be seen very well in their own wardrobe. Beyond the elegant outfits, represented by suits, men are not shy to adopt relaxed outfits, represented by jeans and T-shirts or casual shirts.

An important part of their wardrobe is represented by men's casual shoes, which must be chosen according to the style and personality of each wearer. The chosen pair of shoes can make an outfit shine or, on the contrary, be ruined.

Men, like women, always want to keep up with fashion and footwear, but they always emphasize comfort. Many want to feel comfortable, no matter the occasion, and do not compromise on quality.

In 2022, the emphasis on the purchase of men's casual shoes falls on the material used (natural leather is recommended), the naturalness of the textures and the discreet colors. Buckles, straps and stitching have also been added for men's casual shoes.

The classic will always be in trend, but that does not mean that casual shoes can not be very fashionable. In this category are preferred black, brown or gray shoes, much more versatile, which can be worn to go to the office, and to participate in a relaxed summer party.

For young gentlemen with an exuberant nature, who are not shy to try, a good option are shoes in bright colors, such as green, burgundy red, blue or even unusual shades . Also, many men prefer Brogue style shoes. They were created with holes and perforations that were intended to allow water to drain after people passed through the rivers and swamps of Scotland and Ireland. As a basic rule, the more drilled Brogue shoes are, the less formal they are, so they can be used for casual outfits.

Obviously sports shoes could not be missing in this category. Every man must have in his wardrobe at least one pair of sneakers, monochrome - white or black. Nowadays, casual wearers always prefer sports shoes.

Also in the category of casual outfits can be integrated espadrilles and sandals, perfect for the summer of 2022. They are easy to wear, are versatile and let the skin breathe. Tip: men's sandals are recommended to be worn only on vacation or on the beach, not at parties.

How do you choose the color of casual shoes?

Men always emphasize the quality of footwear but are not shy to adopt models in youthful colors, which complement their outfits in a harmonious way. Here are the most popular shades:

Black shoes

Black will always remain the best option when choosing casual shoes. Black exudes elegance and refinement and is a shade that will never go out of style. In the case of casual shoes, black completes the relaxed outfits, in which you wear a thin linen shirt.

Brown shoes

It is the ideal color for casual shoes, which harmoniously complement a smart-casual outfit. They are perfect for outfits composed of jeans and white shirts, to which you can add a jacket.

Blue shoes

Dark blue or navy blue are the most popular colors when it comes to men's casual shoes. They are extremely versatile, so they can be worn both in casual outfits and in the case of elegant ones.

Gray shoes

They are more suitable to be worn during the hot season, being perfect to be worn with linen outfits.

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