What do you do if drops of disinfectant get on your shoes

Hand sanitizers require a high concentration of alcohol. This means efficiency against viruses, but what do you do if drops of disinfectant get on your favorite shoes? We advise you to continue using disinfectants, but we also offer you some recommendations if the skin of the shoes has been/is affected by the alcohol in the disinfectant.

Disinfectant bottles are available everywhere. In pharmacies, shops, malls, offices, etc. And you better use them. As often as possible. But in order not to endanger your shoes, pay attention to the following things:
  • Approach the glass, look at the texture of the disinfectant and the dosage. Disinfectant bottles can be fitted with a pump or spray cap. You can find the disinfectant in the form of a gel or liquid solution.
  • If the bottle is fitted with a measuring cup, press carefully so that the amount of disinfectant is easily dosed. If you press hard on the pump, the probability of a drop (or more) of disinfectant jumping on your shoes (or clothes or purse) increases considerably.
  • Don't stick your hand on the metering pump, but don't hold it too low. Press lightly and stop when you think it's enough while you're in the palm of your hand. The more you wear, the greater the chances of running on foot (by default, on shoes).
  • Gently massage your palms, holding them in front, until they dry.
  • If the disinfectant is spray type, 2-3 sprays are enough. The advantages of this system are that the solution is better distributed on the hands and dries faster, the risk of the solution reaching the shoes being much lower.
  • In the case of sensor dispensers, do not get too close to them. Instead, stretch your hands and massage them as far away from your body as possible.

What do you do if disinfectant splashes get on your shoes

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