What do you do if your shoes are damaged from driving

You've probably heard of this situation. Or maybe you went through it yourself. And it's not pleasant at all, especially if we talk about those shoes you care about the most. The back of the shoes is damaged by repeated contact with the surface of the mat. Thus, by operating the car's pedals, the skin of the shoes "rubs" on the carpet, thus leading to discoloration of the skin or even peeling it.

What to do in this case? 

  • Replace the rubber mat with a soft textile one. Contact between the soft surface and the shoes will not cause much skin damage, but over time, you may see traces of discoloration.
  • You buy special protection for the heel of the shoes. It can be made of textile or even leather. It attaches to the heel of the shoes, the fastening system being quite light, with elastic.
  • Keep a pair of spare shoes in the car. Sports or casual shoes are the most suitable. It takes a few moments to change pairs, but your safety is a priority.

Because we mentioned the replacement shoes, it is important to add here that they must be comfortable while driving. This quality is essential when every fraction of a second is important. Especially in traffic.

What are the criteria to guide you when choosing a pair of driving shoes:

  • This should allow you to feel the contact with the car's pedal. So don't be too thick and stiff. Look for models with a light and flexible sole. Also, the sole should not slip on the pedals.
  • The right size. You may not have thought of this before, but an inappropriate size can confuse you more than you think. The shoes should give you control when you are behind the wheel. Do not feel pressure on the legs due to a smaller size or slip due to too large a size.
  • The width of the shoes. With a sole that is too wide, you could accidentally operate 2 pedals at the same time. Look for quality models with a design that is as simple and comfortable as possible.
  • The type of shoes. Slippers, sandals with a shoe-like design, thick-soled boots and high-heeled shoes are not recommended when driving. The car's pedal can be caught between the foot and the sole of the slippers, thus reducing the handling of the car. High-heeled shoes are also not recommended (but not forbidden) because the heel can easily get caught in the mat, thus preventing the brake pedal from operating to the end, for example.

At the risk of repeating ourselves, safety and comfort must prevail in your choices. At Marelbo you will find a lot of models that will give you the comfort and stability you need. And not just when driving. See the collection dedicated to sports and casual shoes and choose quality shoes, made of natural leather, at advantageous prices, from the manufacturer. Enter the Marelbo.com website or come to our stores and see the spring collections for the whole family.

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