What is organic leather and what are the differences from natural leather?


Ecological leather has emerged as an alternative to footwear made of natural leather and more and more people are choosing it for different reasons. Some people opt for eco-friendly leather due to the lower price, others out of care for animals or the environment. Regardless of the reason why you choose ecological leather or if you opt for men's casual shoes or elegant women's shoes, we would still like to present to you the main differences between natural and ecological leather!


Natural leather is clearly superior to organic leather. No matter how well the ecological leather is processed, it will never have the resistance of the natural skin nor the quality. Even if you don't know what material a pair of shoes is made of, I can tell you when you wear them. The natural leather will mold to the shape of the foot and you will feel it very comfortable, while the ecological skin will be quite rigid and you will feel that you will not be able to move the foot freely. In addition, the ecological skin is not permeable, which means that it will not allow ventilation of the foot, thus contributing to the appearance of certain skin problems, such as fungi or eczema.


Although both skin types have a specific smell, which can be felt at first wear, the ecological leather is more pronounced and can last a long time. Natural leather "aerates" after two or three wear, and the smell is not very annoying. However, eco-leather footwear can even generate a chemical odor, due to the processes and substances used to shape it.


As expected, eco-friendly leather is much less resistant than natural leather. You probably also have a pair of genuine leather shoes that you have successfully worn for years, as opposed to eco-leather shoes that you may have thrown away after only one season. In addition, with a pair of natural leather shoes, you do not have to worry if it rains, because the water will not affect their resistance, while ecological leather is quite sensitive to external factors. Properly cared for, the natural leather will look and last for years.


There is a big difference in appearance between natural leather and an ecological one. First of all, smooth natural leather has a discreet shine, which cannot be matched by ecological leather. Eco-friendly leather is not flexible, so after only a few wears, it will lift and can even crack in places. Natural leather, being flexible, will return to its special appearance without too much effort, and any wrinkles may appear after a few years of wearing..


It is true that a pair of ecological leather shoes can be cheaper than a natural leather one, but considering that they are not very resistant and that you will buy new shoes very often, in fact, you will not save at all. So choose to invest in natural leather from the beginning and you will not regret it!

What do you choose? Ecological or natural leather?


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