What shoes should you choose when you have bunions


The mounts represent deformations of the feet characterized by accentuated deviations at the level of the thumbs. These, in addition to the unsightly appearance, can cause great pain, and in very complicated cases, can even affect mobility. Bunions affect both women and men and can occur at different ages.

However, women are more prone to developing this condition for a variety of reasons, including shoes that are too tight on the leg or with very high heels, pregnancy, obesity, ballet and even standing for a long time.

Mounts can be a big problem when choosing pairs of shoes and can become extremely painful if no action is taken at an early stage.

Our advice is to consult your doctor if you notice changes in your foot to rule out any problems that could seriously affect your quality of life.

Photo by Anelya Okapova at Unsplash

If you're already facing bunions, you know how important it is to choose comfortable shoes that keep your foot in a healthy, light position and that don't put pressure on your bunions. Our recommendations for mounting feet are as follows:

Try on your shoes every time and make sure your foot with the most prominent mount has a comfortable position. It happens that the bunions evolve differently and do not have the same shape and size at both feet.

Choose shoes made of soft natural leather, which takes the shape of a foot, leather that always meets your requirements.

Avoid tight shoes that put a lot of pressure on the bunions. Buy a larger size if needed, but be careful not to get out of your feet when walking.

It is also important to avoid shoes with very thin soles such as sandals and ballerinas. Very high heels are not indicated either. Instead, opt for an orthopedic sole, pleasant, comfortable, and light.

Focus on adjustable models that allow you to adjust to your foot's needs. For example, models with a velcro closure system are very friendly from this point of view.

Alternate several pairs of shoes. This is indicated to prevent odor and fungus formation and allow the feet to "rest".

Make sure the chosen shoe model is cut out (ie does not reach the mount) or wears the mount as well. It prevents the termination from being exactly deformed because it becomes painful over time, putting additional pressure on the site.

We know it's hard to find shoes tailored to the foot with bunions, but the Marelbo collection involves a lot of comfortable, ideal models to meet this type of need.

Go to Marelbo stores and consult the staff if you don't know what would suit you and discover the surprises of the manufacturer in the heart of Bukovina.

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Article image: photo by Imani Bahati at Unsplash


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