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What type of clothing can you wear colored leather belts?


Our colorful collection of women's belts certainly attracted your attention. And this article comes from the background of a question, which we think you are asking yourself. What type of clothing can you wear these belts with? Or where can you wear them? Because, if you are not convinced that they can be integrated into the wardrobe, you will go to classic models in dark colors. And summer is about color. About vacations. About fun and good cheer. Summer challenges us to experiment more. So, trust yourself and get out of your comfort zone. The colorful straps will refresh your wardrobe and outfits.

Therefore, to answer the question, you can wear women's belts with your favorite jeans. And for the top, opt for a simple t-shirt or a white shirt. The idea is to pay attention to the balance of the outfit. Let the belt be stained with color. We believe in this outfit's success and that you will like it too.

White pants can be wonderfully complemented with a belt in shades of pink, green, or sky blue. And here we advise you to match neutral clothes to enjoy a feminine and delicate outfit.

For colored pants, you can confidently go on the same color line. That is, to a pair of blue pants, a belt in the same tone will add extra sophistication. Moreover, it will be seen that it is a carefully thought out and composed outfit. An outfit that will give you confidence. Definitely worth a try!

Colored belts can also be worn with skirts. If you like prints, you can choose a belt in one of the shades of the print, and if you are a fan of solid colors, you can even choose a belt that contrasts. As for the shape or length of the skirt, choose what suits you and show your charming smile to the whole world.

If it's summer, shorts are not missing from any wardrobe. Accessorize your linen shorts with a sandal strap. He wears sandals or moccasins, and a wide-brimmed hat on his head. Aren't you already dreaming of the sea?

These are just a few ways you can wear colored belts made of natural leather, the idea is to rely on the quality, on things that last well over time and will always look impeccable. Marelbo is the place where you can buy your women's belts this summer. The colors are charming, in tune with summer and its dynamism, and the buckles will surprise you with their shape and design.

All straps are made of natural leather, soft, pleasant to the touch, and very resistant. Aaa, and let's not forget the price! Because it is an important aspect that we have been thinking about for over 38 years. Be well. Good luck. You and your budget.

See the section dedicated to women's belts and add to the shopping cart the products that fit your style. The products for which we, here, in the heart of Bucovina, do our best to rise to your standards.


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