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What women's shoes to choose for the summer holidays?

Slowly, slowly our thoughts fly to the holidays and to the sunny days in which to enjoy ourselves and nothing more. If you are in the same position, welcome to the club! We don't know if you have already chosen your holiday destination, but keep an eye on our summer shoes, because you will have something to see. And buy.

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Comfortable natural leather shoes for an unforgettable holiday.

Holidays are for relaxation, for recharging the batteries, for finding ourselves. Therefore, rely on comfortable shoes with flat soles, which will allow you to walk as long as the day is long, if you feel that way. You can start by checking the collection of women's sandals made of natural leather, because you will be surprised by the variety of models.

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From those with a minimalist design to those with a complex design, they all have a number of good advantages to consider. And they will all fit perfectly with the sheer summer dresses. Pamper your feet with natural leather sandals and enjoy the summer as you wish.

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Genuine leather moccasins

If you are in the category of dynamic people, who can't stand still for a moment, a pair of natural leather women's moccasins is an inspired choice for you. They are comfortable, light and embrace your feet in a friendly way regardless of the schedule and route you have established.

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The perforations allow air to circulate inside the moccasins, so worries about foot perspiration are eliminated from the start. Moreover, their flexibility, soft and pleasant to the touch skin will turn this type of footwear into the favorite footwear for holidays. What's more, it takes up very little space in your luggage? They are extraordinary in every way.

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Why choose natural leather shoes from Marelbo for your planned vacation and vacation?

• It is comfortable. Yes, the Marelbo models are constantly being improved so that you can enjoy comfort in any situation. And in any season. And for the whole family.

• It is durable. The durability of the models is a key factor in their realization. And our customers can confirm this.

• It is skin friendly. Natural leather footwear allows the feet to breathe, ensuring a favorable environment. In this way, the bacteria that can develop inside it are kept at a distance.

• It is versatile. That is, easy to integrate into various outfits, easy to match.

• It is affordable. All Marelbo models are available at the manufacturer's price. That is an advantageous price, without commercial addition.

• It is made in Romania, more precisely in Vicovu de Sus, that is in the heart of Bukovina.

• It is carefully checked. Because we want to place quality and attractive products on store shelves.

• Delivered quickly. Which means that in 2-3 days, the ordered shoes will arrive at your home, if you haven't decided to go and try your favorite products in stores.

• He is close to you. Both through the online store and through the physical stores.

Through the little things you can make real joys. Choose your Marelbo shoes, save smart and add to your holiday luggage a touch of tradition from the heart of Bukovina, which will follow you no matter what.

If you liked this article, share it with your friends or colleagues! I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love, Maria

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