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Why choose casual shoes made of natural leather and where can you wear this type of footwear?


When was the last time you wore a pair of casual leather shoes? If you do not have such shoes in your wardrobe, you must order. Next, we will present you some reasons to choose casual shoes made of natural leather and we will also tell you where you can wear them. In addition, we recommend a perfect pair of shoes for this summer and more! 

They can be integrated into any kind of outfit 

When it comes to casual shoes made of natural leather, you must know that they can be integrated into any kind of outfit. They are suitable for office outfits, casual outfits for going to the city, when going shopping, if you go on a getaway to another city and the list goes on. Moreover, you can wear them even at daytime events, where you don't need very elegant shoes. 

Looks exceptional 

Because they are made of natural leather, the casual shoes from Marelbo look exceptional. Natural leather has the advantage of becoming more beautiful over time. Even if small wrinkles appear due to use, they do not look ugly, on the contrary, they give personality to the shoes. Natural leather shoes will always look much more beautiful in bright light, with a discreet shine. You will also notice that they bring elegance to any outfit. 

They are resistant 

Of course, we must also discuss the subject of resistance. Genuine leather shoes are much more durable than eco-leather shoes, if you take good care of them. You probably know people who have shoes 10 years old or even older, made of natural leather. This is due to the strength of the material and it is worth making such an investment. In fact, you will notice that the Marelbo shoes have an excellent price, maybe even better than the fast-fashion ecological leather shoes. 

Where can you wear casual shoes made of natural leather? 

As I mentioned earlier, casual genuine leather shoes can be worn anywhere you want. You can wear them at work, in your free time and at an event where a certain outfit is not required. Thus, you can enjoy the most beautiful pairs of shoes as often as possible. 

We also want to make you a recommendation, so we still present you a pair of casual shoes that are only good for summer. It is about these 6051 green women's casual shoes. As you can see from the image, it has small perforations that do not only have an aesthetic role. They allow the foot to be ventilated, so you can wear shoes regardless of the temperature of a certain day. The shoes are very comfortable, have a light sole, even if it is high and can be used to add a splash of color to your everyday outfits. 

We are waiting for you in Marelbo stores all over the country and in the online store to choose your favorites! 

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