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Wide foot shoes: everything you need to know about choosing the right one!


Do you often buy shoes that are theoretically suitable for your size, but still fit you? Or will you need to buy a larger number just to benefit from some comfort and then find that you have other inconveniences due to slipping your foot? In this case, you may have a wide foot and need to buy only shoes that fit your foot type perfectly. Don't worry, a lot of people have a wide leg and you don't have to consider this a defect: it's just your conformation.

Instead, you should know that if you do not learn how to choose the right shoes, you can have quite serious problems over time, even reaching the deformity of the foot. The effects that can be seen immediately when you wear the wrong shoe include discomfort, pain, wounds, corns and so on.

To know for sure if you have a wide foot, the simplest test is to test the shoe: if the size is good in terms of length, but the shoes tighten you, then it is 100% sure that you have a wide foot. The width of the leg can be genetic, you can be born with this conformation or it can intervene later in life, for various reasons, such as: widening of ligaments and tendons, changes that occur during pregnancy (in women), the appearance of mounts and so on. .

Therefore, when you realize that you have a wide leg, it is good to start buying special shoes, so as to get rid of the feeling of discomfort and protect your feet for as long as possible. This does not mean that you have to compromise: there are many pairs of men's shoes, women's shoes, boots and so on, ideal for this type of foot. You just have to know which models to choose and below we will give you some tips that we hope will help you!

1. Wear only 100% natural leather shoes

Genuine leather footwear has many advantages, including the fact that it is ideal for people with wide feet. The skin is flexible and thus allows the foot to sit much better in shoes. It doesn't matter what type of leather you choose (smooth, turned, lacquered), it is important that both the inside and the outside of the shoes be made of this type of material.

2. Choose slip on models

For everyday wear, try to choose models of shoes that are as comfortable as possible, such as slip-on shoes: moccasins, espadrilles or loafers. These types of shoes are usually more flexible and the lack of laces leads to the elimination of the extra pressure that can occur if the feet swell during the day.

3. The rounded or square snout is ideal

Choose models with a rounded toe instead of pointed toe shoes, even if they tend to give the foot a much more beautiful look. Over time, a wide foot will suffer from pressure and the toes may become irreparably deformed. So, choose only shoes with a rounded or square toe, which allows you freedom of movement.

In conclusion, we hope you find the information we have presented useful to you!


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