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4 tips on how to clean suede sandals

Suede sandals have a special beauty due to the velvety, voluptuous texture and full effect, which bring joy to the eyes. They fit perfectly in a lot of clothing combinations, so another quality that indicates that you have made the right choice. Or that you are going to make the right choice. In terms of color, the most popular colors of suede sandals are beige, camel, powder pink or deep red, all perfect for the warm season. The first three options are easy to match with the rest of the clothes in the wardrobe, while the last option is to be highlighted. And you know exactly how to value it.

If so far you have done perfectly, now comes the hardest part. How do you clean women's sandals made of suede if you soiled them when the world was dearer to you? Although reversible skin is extremely beautiful, its cleansing is not as easy as in the case of smooth natural skin. And in the light colors, you can see anything. So, you have no choice but to try to restore their original beauty through efficient cleaning. Although the safest method is to turn to a specialist who will treat the problem with special care products, we are convinced that you will want to try it at home first. Of course, it is a variant in which you take some risks, but if you act gently and in a timely manner it is possible to get some results. Let's see:

  1. Use an eraser and a soft brush. Do not press or insist on the place in question. If the stain does not show "that it would leave voluntarily" from there, it is clear that you will not chase it, but a specialist.

  2. Try to clean the stain with a soft sponge soaked in warm water. The movements should be gentle, not strong. 

  3. Shoe shampooThis is a special solution that you can use to remove unwanted stains from the surface of the shoe. Try it first on a small, hidden surface and wait 15 minutes. If everything is fine, you can apply it on the surface you need Do not insist more than necessary if you see that the stain is "stubborn" to stay there 

  4. Warm water and mild soap with neutral pHYou can try this solution obtained at home. You must have at hand a soft, clean cloth and " 

If you have tried these methods and have not had satisfactory results, there is no need to worry. Of course, you would have wanted to avoid an extra road, but rejoice that there are solutions." S us, a specialist will help you regain the beauty of your sandals in a very short time. And the costs are reasonable. Therefore, everything has a solution. 

3 recommendations from specialists regarding suede shoes:

  1. Suede does not make a good team in rainy weather. So avoid wearing suede sandals if the weather promises to be capricious.

  2. Use renovating sprays that create protective barriers against water splashes and even grease.

  3. Clean the sandals after each wear with a soft brush to remove dust and dirt. This way, the suede sandals will look like new to every wear.

If you are planning to buy women 's suede sandals, pay a visit to the nearest Marelbo store. You will like the new collection. And we don't say that. Our happy clients say it.

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