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Does your foot slip into shoes or sandals? Here's what to do

Cut-out shoes and sandals are, without a doubt, the stars of summer. Everywhere you look you will see light, cropped shoes with thin straps that promise comfort and breathability. What do you do when your feet sweat and you're sole tends to slide forward? If you have faced these situations, you know how unpleasant it is to pull your foot back in shoes or sandals every time, but also how uncomfortable it is to walk in such conditions. Moreover, such a situation spoils not only your outfit but also your whole day.

Here are some tips that might be helpful if your feet slip into the warm season

  • • Natural leather footwear allows for good foot ventilation, but even so, sweating can occur. This can be caused by certain diseases, fungi, or bacteria, so the first tip is to consult a specialist who can help you correctly identify the problem. It could be something internal or even some food mistakes. To make sure you are in perfect health, go to the doctor.

  • • If everything is medically correct, then you need to be careful when it comes to shoes. That means buying the right size all the time. A smaller size will hold your foot too tight and cause it to sweat, and a larger size will make your foot come out as you walk. 

  • • Pay attention to the material from which the summer shoes are made. We recommend natural leather, because it is a skin-friendly material, allowing it to breathe. Natural leather must be found both on the outside and inside and on the sole of the shoe. Discover the collection of women's sandals made of natural leather and enjoy comfort all summer long. 

  • • Special anti-slip insoles. This anti-slip gel heel can be easily used whenever needed. All you have to do is place the insole on the top of your shoes/sandals and forget about the problems. Moreover, these silicone insoles are ideal for heeled shoes, relieving the sharp pains that can occur against the background of a long period of standing. 

  • • Anti-perspirant sprays. There are a lot of sprays on the market dedicated to this problem. Research the market, see which is the solution that suits you, and forget the inconveniences caused by sweating your feet.

  • • Silicone tights in the sole area. This is a good option to consider in the case of shoes because you can't see "holding" the foot in place. 

  • • Always keep your shoes clean. Its sole gathers dust, dirt, and bacteria very easily, which is why it is advisable to clean the inner sole of shoes/sandals with a cloth slightly dampened in a delicate solution, such as a soap with a neutral pH. 

  • • Store your shoes correctly. An environment with high humidity is conducive to the development of bacteria and fungi. Make sure you keep your shoes in a dry and ventilated place. It is always better to prevent than to treat. 

  • • Take care of your foot hygiene. In summer we expose the feet more, so it is necessary to pay more attention to their hygiene. Warm baths in which we add various natural ingredients could help a lot. Baking soda, eucalyptus oil, and salt are just a few affordable ingredients we can try for deep cleansing of the feet.

If you are looking for a pair of women's sandals made of natural leather, very beautiful, and extremely durable, look for new models in Marelbo stores. You will be surprised to discover a rich collection and a feminine color palette. Moreover, the manufacturer's prices are still affordable, so you can choose Marelbo.

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