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How can you avoid foot pain caused by heeled shoes?

Who doesn't love heeled shoes?

Although it manages to give any outfit a touch of elegance, sometimes heeled shoes can be uncomfortable. All the more you will feel discomfort if the shoes are new. Fortunately, there are some tricks that will help you avoid foot pain and wear your favorite pair of shoes for as long as possible, sometimes all day long if necessary. Read on and find out how you can make friends with heels and what to avoid when it comes to heeled shoes!

Natural leather is the solution

First of all, you need to know that the material from which the shoes are made matters a lot. The only material that manages to be comfortable even from the first days of wearing is natural leather, regardless of its type. Natural leather is flexible and adapts to the shape and size of the foot. Therefore, you can trust that a pair of natural leather shoes will not cause you to discomfort if it is chosen correctly. We recommend that you invest in your footwear collection and choose only women's boots, natural leather sandals, shoes, boots, or sneakers.

The right choice of the heel is also very important

A thick heel will give you more stability and comfort, so you can wear your shoes for many hours without pain. When choosing a heel, you should also take into account the way you feel or if you have certain ailments. For example, if you have spinal or joint problems, it would be better to choose shorter heels, 5-6 cm thick, and to wear shoes only at events or when it is absolutely necessary to have a certain outfit.

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A trick at hand: silicone pads

Another trick worth trying is to use silicone pads. Even if the shoes are made of natural leather, each person has their own degree of comfort. With the help of silicone cushions, you can go through the first days of a new pair of shoes without pain, until they take the shape of your foot.

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Don't forget about the platform!

If you are a person who does not wear heels in the usual way and you want all the comfort in the world from shoes or boots, then opt for those that have both heel and platform. This way, the foot will be much more comfortable and the discomfort will not appear.

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Choose the correct size

Of course, the last piece of advice we can give you is to choose the right size for your shoes. Too wide or too tight a pair of shoes can cause you a lot of discomforts. The only exception might be event footwear. If you know that you are going to stand for a long time or spend a lot of time on heels, such as at a wedding party, choose shoes with a larger number and use silicone cushions on both the sole and the heel. The moment your feet swell, you will not feel any discomfort.

We hope these tips help you to avoid leg pain!

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