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How to properly store your shoes from one year to the next

Natural leather shoes are very durable, so you can wear them without problems for years. However, to enjoy the original shape for as long as possible, pay attention to the small details that make the difference over time.

                ● Cleans leather shoes after each wear. You may be tempted to consider this a hassle, but it takes very little time to clean it of dust or any traces of dirt. A soft cloth and a soft-bristle brush are sufficient for daily cleaning.
                ● Always apply a cream that will keep the skin soft and at the same time give it a pleasant, neat appearance. Buy a quality cream to give your shoes the hydration they need. See our care products. They are accessible and promise results from the first use.
                ● Do not leave the shoes near heat sources or in moisture. It can change shape, tighten or widen.
                ● Keep pairs of shoes in their boxes with silicone bags. In this way, you keep them in order and protect them from dust.
                ● In the case of light-colored pairs of shoes, purchase a special solution to maintain the color. It will give results every time. Although you can find a lot of cleaning tips everywhere, we only recommend special products that do not endanger the color, texture, and quality of the skin.
                ● Sports shoes made of natural leather are not machine washable, even if it has dedicated program. In the automatic machine, you can wash sports shoes made of textile material, at the lowest temperature and at the lowest number of rotations, following the instructions given by the manufacturer.
                ● If you have problems with foot perspiration, use products specially designed for this purpose. Spray deodorant before and after wearing, leaving a pleasant odor. Also, alternate several pairs of shoes to give them the time they need to dry naturally or change insoles. A humid environment is conducive to the development of fungi and bacteria.

It may seem like a long and tiring list of recommendations, but if you look at it as a whole, you'll realize that the few minutes you spend caring for the right shoes will save you a lot of money on new shoes. So enjoy your favorite shoes for as long as possible and keep your money in your pocket.

Come to our stores and benefit from affordable manufacturer prices. We are waiting for you with a lot of models of shoes and belts for the whole family, lovingly crafted in the heart of Bucovina. Buy products made in Romania and enjoy quality at low prices.

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