Pairing shoes with trousers: why should you follow the rules?

A successful outfit is influenced by many factors, not just the way you match the styles of each item of clothing. Although in recent years, it seems that personal style no longer follows the classic rules we all knew, especially in relation to matching, things are not like that at all. Matching is still "fashionable" but the rules of the game have changed a bit. Today the emphasis is on matching in complementary colors and even in contrasting colors, while before matching did not allow you a margin of error. You probably remember the rule that said that shoes and belts should have the same shade and sometimes the watch strap was included. Thus, the options were quite limited. Today, on the other hand, complementary colors are most often chosen for matching, and below we will present you some eloquent examples on how to match men's shoes with pants.

1. Black shoes

Black shoes are without a doubt the number 1 choice for men, both when it comes to elegant outfits, for events, but also for office outfits or even casual outfits. There is a preconception, not only among gentlemen, that black is the easiest to match. In reality, things are not so simple at all. Black shoes are difficult to integrate into men's outfits and only very few shades of pants can compliment a pair of black shoes.

Thus, you can confidently choose outfits composed of black shoes and black pants, dark gray pants or burgundy pants.

Many gentlemen make the mistake of matching navy pants with black shoes, but it is wrong.

2. Brown shoes

Brown shoes are the kind of versatile footwear that you can successfully integrate into any outfit. We can say that brown shoes should be instead of black shoes in terms of the general preconception about matching. You can successfully wear brown shoes for business suits, casual suits, jeans, jeans or any other type of pants.

In terms of colors, brown shoes go well with navy pants, pants in various shades of earth, gray pants and white pants.

If you opt for brown pants, their color should be two shades darker than the shade of the shoes.

3. Navy shoes

We couldn't help but mention the navy blue shoes, because depending on the tone of this color, the shoes can be worn in various outfits. Most often, navy blue shoes are integrated into casual outfits that you can wear successfully.

So, to wear navy blue shoes, confidently choose gray pants, navy pants (but not the same shade), ecru pants and even white pants.

Also pay close attention to matching socks, especially if you opt for light colored pants!

These were three of the most worn shades of shoes and as you can see, the matching rules are not that difficult. We hope you have found useful information and that from now on you will know exactly how to match the pants with the shoes for a successful look!

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