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The perfect shoes for the groom's suit: how do you choose them?

Wedding is one of the most important events in a person's life, so on that day, you will have to feel the happiest person on Earth and look better than ever.

Even though both partners who are going to unite their destinies are equally important, sometimes the bride receives more attention, at least from a stylistic point of view.

For example, you'll find plenty of articles with tips on bridal makeup, bridal hairstyles, trendy dresses and matching shoes, and much less on men.

Fortunately, to balance the situation a bit, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect shoes for the groom's suit.

You will notice that it is not as simple as it seems and that you have to take care of certain details, but we are here for you and we will guide you to the ideal shoes.

What is the right color for wedding shoes?

Wedding shoes must match both the groom's outfit, but also the location and theme of the party. Thus, for a rustic outdoor wedding, you will choose a different type of shoes than for a party in an elegant place, where you will opt for a pair of pantofi eleganti barbati .

In addition to the style of the shoes, you will have to take into account their color. Many people think that only black shoes are suitable for the wedding, but this is not the case at all.

It's true that black shoes look good in any context, but don't you want your outfit to have personality? The easiest way is to match the color of the suit with the shoes. Thus, you can wear the following shades:

• black or brown shoes in navy suit

• brown or black shoes with a graphite-colored suit

• large shoes (closed or open) or black in a gray suit

• cherry or brown shoes in brown wedding suit

• black shoes in black suit

• for the white suit, we recommend you either choose white shoes or match the shoes with a tie, but it would be best to choose black, white or brown shoes.

What models do you choose for the wedding suit?

As I said before, the model of the shoes is also very important. Thus, it is important to choose them carefully and not to compromise on quality.

You can go for the classic version, of simple but elegant shoes or you can venture and you can opt for shoes with certain decorations. The most suitable are shoes made of 100% natural leather, and the most recommended models are:

Oxford shoes : the most popular without a doubt, they can be integrated both in formal wedding outfits, but also in more relaxed outfits

Wholecut Oxford Shoes : Suitable especially for all-white or all-black suits

monk shoes : ideal for a casual, casual wedding

derby shoes : Although elegant at first glance, they are more suitable for an unconventional wedding.

So, as you can see, it's not that hard to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes.

In conclusion, we would like you to know which pair you would choose for the big event!

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