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What men's belts are suitable for casual wear


Casual outfits are the most versatile. They allow combinations of the most diverse, the result being always dynamic, fresh, and very current. The idea behind the casual style is freedom of movement in any activity. That light, comfortable style allows you to take walks with the child in the park, as well as meetings with friends after the program. So, a nice style that you can easily identify with. The question is what matches the casual style and how do you choose the right one. The offer is so diverse that they all seem to fit. However, this is not the case, so we will help you choose the strap that fits perfectly into your outfits.

Ideal size

Its width should benefit you, so if you are slim and tall, opt for a wider belt. And if you are in the other category, opt for a thinner strap. The length should also be chosen carefully so that it is neither too big nor too small. Both cases will ruin your image, and you certainly don't want that.


Although men are tempted to choose black for the simple reason that "it goes for anything", navy blue or brown color goes very well in such outfits. Moreover, it adds personality and breaks the chromatic monotony. Don't shy away from colors. Choose to add color accents to your outfits, adding a refreshing look from time to time.


Most of the time, the buckle is the key factor in choosing a belt. This can add value to the belt or, on the contrary, lose ground. For a casual style, we recommend straps whose buckle comes with a design novelty, is aesthetic, and has a contrasting color. I mean, you don't have to beware of a gold or silver buckle, because it will stand out nicely when you add it to your favorite clothing combinations.


The straps are available in a lot of textures, but do you know what suits your style? Try accented textures on minimalist clothing combinations and smooth, simple straps on slightly lighter combinations. The idea is to have balance. In anything.

Wide range of genuine leather men's belts

Marelbo offers you a varied collection of natural leather belts, at advantageous prices and are very durable over time. The color palette is just as varied, so don't be shy about daring. Their dimensions start at 90 cm and stop at 130 cm, so you can easily find the size you need. As for the buckles, it's a real joy to browse the existing models and put your finger on the ones you like. Or the ones you like. Prices are affordable, so add the straps that will become your favorite accessories to your cart.

Where to find our belts

In the more than 50 stores nationwide and on the section, the men’s belts section. If you like to take care of things from the comfort of your home, simply order from the site, and in a few days, the package will arrive at your door. Delivery is free for orders over 200 lei, so why bother?

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