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Why choose natural leather boots for very cold day outfits?

Winter has already come into its own, so in the morning you probably wonder what you can wear so that you can enjoy comfort, warm feet and, of course, not slipping. The answer is simple: natural leather boots from Marelbo. These are ideal to wear regardless of the weather conditions and will help you not to slip. In addition, they look extremely good and have an excellent price. Here are some reasons to choose genuine leather boots this winter. In our online store and in physical stores, you will find many models of women's boots < , ideal for all tastes!

They are warm and waterproof

What do you want from your winter shoes? First of all, be warm. No matter how many pairs of socks you wear, if the shoes are not warm for some reason, you will definitely have cold feet all the time. Natural leather is a very good insulator, so your feet will stay dry and warm no matter the weather.

Very easy to clean

You probably know how annoying it is to see white marks on shoes in winter because of the non-slip materials. Fortunately, natural leather is extremely easy to clean and you will have no problems from this point of view. It is enough to clean the boots with a damp cloth when you get home and then wipe them with a soft cloth and they will look like new. If we are talking about hardened mud, you don't have to worry about it either, because you can wash your boots with a little warm water to remove the mud.

Fit any outfit

Did you know that boots fit any outfit? Pants, skirt, dress… no matter what you wear, you will notice how easily the boots fit into your everyday outfits. You can wear them in casual outfits, in office outfits and even in some outfits with which you want to attract attention (for example a dress that looks elegant, winter).

Gives you stability

On snowy days, it is important to be able to rely on stable footwear. The Marelbo boots have a very well made and serrated sole, regardless of the model. Even in elegant boots you will notice that the sole is not flat, so that it offers you stability regardless of the outfits you wear and does not let you slip.

They are resistant

Last but not least, let's talk about resistance. If you like a certain model of boots, we are sure you will want to wear them for as long as possible. Fortunately, with the help of Marelbo boots, this is possible. Natural leather and shoe-making techniques provide durability, so you'll enjoy your favorite boots for many seasons.

So, you have every reason to choose natural leather boots from Marelbo on the very cold days of this winter!

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