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Create stylish outfits with Marelbo boots

Although in the cold you hide under thick, dull clothes, we challenge you to change your approach a little. And change is always welcome. Because they allow you to stop where you feel best.

We suggest Martens-style boots, which will give your outfits a new direction. This approach belongs to the German doctor Klaus Martens, who sketched the model of ghete following a ski accident. The model designed by Dr. Martens was to protect against shocks and provide stability.

Today, this model of boots is worn by celebrities around the world, being a standard of courage in terms of style. Bold, with aggressive visual accents, thick soles and laces, you can wear them in a lot of expressive and trendy clothing combinations. In the fall, you don't have to hide under dull clothes. Autumn is a great time to reinvent yourself.

10 ways to wear Martens-style boots:

1. Oversized wool sweater and skinny jeans 2 handy, comfortable items that will look chic in combination with Marelbo high boots. The wool sweater can be replaced with a shirt or sweatshirt.
2. Oversized jacket with high-waisted mom jeans A courageous approach that will not go unnoticed. And you will feel millions.
3. A midi skirt combined with these boots is a great way to maximize your wardrobe . Don't limit yourself to ordinary choices. However, consider the proportions, if you are short, the skirt should be shorter.
4. Overalls . They are very well complemented by Martens style boots. Opt for military colors (gray, olive, sand or earthy) and you will choose an outfit that meets your expectations.
5. The motorcycle jacket could not be missing from this list . Pair it with a feminine element to balance the look of the outfit.
6. Long cardigans paired with jeans or skirts Complete with a hat in neutral tones.
7. Dresses . You might think that dresses have nothing to do with such boots, but the reality is different. And it looks great. This combination of feminine elements with masculine elements creates a balance, not only chic, but also versatile.
8. Vintage style leather pants and sweaters Are you ready to try?
9. Shorts and oversized cardigans We don't know how to imagine this outfit, but it is definitely eye-catching.
10. Short skirts combined with wide T-shirts and a jacket .

Choose your Marelbo boots and reinvent yourself. These are distinguished by a careful design, durability and the details that give the model, outfit. The laces, the thick sole, the seams, but also the side zipper, offer comfort, support and resistance, which you will appreciate whenever you wear this model. The producer price should also be mentioned here, because it will help you to make various outfits, with a minimum of financial effort. The model is available in 2 variants (smooth natural leather and buffalo natural leather), so you can choose the one that resonates best.

Where can you find us?

Check out the list of Marelbo stores and come sample. Be chic at low prices.

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