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Shoes have been at the top of ladies 'and ladies' preferences for a long time, and the reasons are obvious. It exudes a lot of refinement, a chosen distinction, and delights the eye with its perfect lacquered finish. These seductive shoes have won many hearts over time and continue to do so. We do not believe that there is a woman who has not fallen into their traps at least once. However, there are no regrets. Because love was at first sight. And the moments must be lived at maximum intensity. But this is a discussion that we will resume in another article. Until then, the collection of elegant women's shoes is waiting to be discovered, because the prepared surprises will be to your liking. And not only. 

The lacquer shoes from Marelbo are made of quality leather which is added an impeccable finish. A lot of skilled craftsmen work together to make these shoes for a perfect result. In fact, to win your lovely smile. But this is our little secret.

Although lacquered shoes are often associated with elegant evening outfits, this does not mean that you cannot wear them during the day. However, pay attention to the shoe model and make sure that you benefit from comfort regardless of the activities you have to perform. At the same time, it is good to take into account from the beginning the fact that this finish that you just fell in love with is very sensitive, so to speak. This means that it scratches quite easily and requires extra attention when wearing them. Of course, this should not discourage you from buying this type of shoes, you just need to increase the dose of attention when you wear them. Otherwise, the love story can go on. We insist on this attention because a scratch on the surface of the lacquered shoe is quite difficult to repair. It is not an impossible repair, but you will need the help of a specialist. And if you think you can handle it on your own, we'll have to argue with you. Grudgingly. But, let's not make negative scenarios, when beauty and elegance surround us. Generously. Gently. And with infinite resources. Let's choose to see the full side of the glass.

The Marelbo collection includes both elegant shoes and casual shoes in the lacquer version. This translates to the fact that you can choose to complete your refined outfits with a pair of elegant high-heeled shoes or you can choose to enjoy a dynamic and comfortable style, wearing the same impeccable finish. Or you can choose both. Because the producer prices are careful with you, but also with your savings. Moreover, you will feel the joy that comes with the Romanian footwear from Marelbo, shoes that carry a beautiful and lasting family tradition. So, give yourself moments of pampering and shoes according to your needs. Don't forget the gifts for your loved ones either, especially as the Easter holidays are approaching and you have to help the bunny to make smart choices. And inspired. And at great prices.

Come on, there's no time to waste! Order quickly from the site or visit the Marelbo stores in search of the most beautiful shoes. Try, buy, dance. If you repeat. Choose Romanian footwear from Marelbo and support the economy. Because your choices matter. Yes Yes! Every choice made today will have its say tomorrow. So, have you decided?

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