Elegant, casual or sporty boots? You can get them all at low prices from Marelbo

December is perfect for shopping, including buying quality Marelbo shoes. We surprise you with discounts on leather shoes. You enjoy manufacturer prices, whether you order from the site or go to one of the more than 50 stores across the country (there is at least one store in all major cities in Romania). All Marelbo products are made of natural leather, they are carefully made and sewn, so that they last a long time and you can enjoy them for as many seasons as possible.

Given that winter is fast approaching, it's a good idea to take advantage of Marelbo's low prices and enrich your collection with ghete barbati qualitative and modern. Whether you want elegant boots, ideal to be worn at work and at events, casual boots perfect for leisure outfits or sports boots for trips and casual-sports outfits, at Marelbo you will find the most beautiful items. In the following, we will present you some of our favorites from the new collection.

Are you looking for boots that can be worn with both casual and sporty outfits? Then we have the perfect recommendation for you:

Men's boots 4127 black combined

They are made of natural leather, have a modern design and can be worn even during periods of snow, thanks to the non-slip soles.

[productgallery: 4863: 2: home_default]

If you want boots that can be worn with many types of outfits, choose this pair with confidence:

Men's boots 4125 coffee combination

As you can see from the picture, they do not have the classic shape of boots, so you can integrate them even in an outfit for spring or autumn, or in a smart-casual outfit , for the office. They are made of a combination of box leather and patent leather, and the interior features textile material. The light and comfortable sole will allow you to wear them all day long.

[productgallery: 4827: 2: home_default]

For the winter and beyond, we highly recommend:

4119 men's coffee boots combined

They fit perfectly with casual and sport-casual outfits and we are convinced that you will consider them very comfortable, considering their design. They are made of two types of natural leather, lined with artificial fur and have a light, high and non-stick sole.

[productgallery: 4437: 2: home_default]

The last pair in this series is:

Men's boots 4121 black

They are perfect for events and for going to the office. It combines an elegant style with the functionality and comfort offered by the natural leather from which they are made. They are easy to wear thanks to the side zipper. Inside, it has artificial fur.

[productgallery: 4423: 2: home_default]

These are just some of the examples of men's boots you can order from Marelbo in November at low prices. We recommend that you carefully study the offer, either on the website or in a Marelbo store and choose the boots that suit you best!

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