5 things to keep in mind when choosing stylish office shoes

Choosing office shoes should not be difficult, especially if you take certain aspects into account. If you want to wear high-heeled shoes every day, you should take into account their height and shape, in order to be as easy to wear as possible. Material, style, and color are other factors to consider when purchasing elegant women's shoes. Read on and find out the five things to keep in mind when choosing your office shoes!

1. Heel height and shape

These two features are very important for your comfort. Since you will spend at least 8 hours at the office, you need shoes that will not cause you discomfort and that will not make you take off your shoes in the middle of the program or change into ballerinas for example. If you really want high-heeled shoes, you can choose some that have a thick heel that gives you stability. Flared heels and wider ones at the bottom are preferred for maximum comfort.

2. The material

Always choose natural leather shoes, because you will benefit from many advantages. First of all, they will be much more resilient. Why change your shoes every season when you can choose shoes made of natural leather, which you can enjoy for as long as possible? In addition, since you spend a lot of time at the office, you need shoes that do not encourage foot perspiration and do not allow the growth of bacteria and fungi. This way, you will get rid of the risk of developing a foot fungus or unpleasant odors, no matter how hot.

3. The model

Some shoe designs are perfect for both the office and other day or evening events. Thus, we recommend you choose versatile models and save money. Why have several pairs of shoes in your collection that you wear very rarely when you can rely on a few quality, versatile pairs that attract many compliments?

4. Color

If you don't have a certain dress code at work, we recommend that you bring more color and joy to your shoe collection. In addition to the classic black shoes, which everyone should have in their wardrobe, you should also choose red shoes, burgundy, maybe even navy blue or why not printed shoes. You will notice how easily they can be matched and how you will feel whenever you wear them.

5. Price

We know that you may say that a quality pair of shoes is a must, but it is not. At Marelbo you will find exceptional shoes, made of natural leather, at excellent prices, by manufacturers, regardless of whether you order them directly from the site or from one of the over 50 stores across the country.

We hope you take these into account when buying the next pair of stylish office shoes!

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