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For the Easter outfit, choose one of these pairs of casual shoes from the new collection

Easter is fast approaching and you are probably looking for the most beautiful outfit, to wear to the traditional table or why not, on a trip to the mountains or the sea. As you probably know, the Easter tradition says that you have to wear a new outfit, and this is the ideal reason to order special clothing and quality shoes. Here are some pairs of women's casual shoes that can be worn both at Easter and on other occasions.

If you want a pair of shoes that will attract all eyes and that you can wear both skirts and pants, then we recommend these 6041 croco brown combined women's casual shoes . As you can see, they fit perfectly even with a casual outfit with elegant elements and will surely attract all eyes. They have a high sole, with a 6 cm heel and a 2.5 cm platform, so you will look exceptional and you will enjoy heels without your feet hurting.

Do you prefer to wear shoes in neutral colors, which can be easily matched with any outfit? In this case, we have the ideal recommendation for you. This is a pair of 6042 beige women's casual shoes . They are very comfortable, they match easily, they are made of smooth natural leather and a special accessory, which you will surely love: a chain with a metallic look, which completely changes the look of these shoes.

Are there any casual shoes in your collection that fit sports style? If you like to wear comfortable shoes, but they look great, then we are sure you will love this pair of Casual / sport shoes 6048 black combined . You can wear them for outfits for walks, excursions, in the city when you know that you will walk a lot or to the office. They are comfortable, look very good and are the kind of sports shoes that match any outfit. In addition, being made of leather, they are extremely durable and you will enjoy them for a long time to come.

One of the most popular colors for spring when it comes to shoes and accessories is burgundy. It is an appreciated shade, easy to match and very beautiful. So, we recommend this pair of 6044 burgundy women's casual shoes . Thanks to their design, they can be successfully worn with both skirts and pants.

Last but not least, we have to recommend a pair of velor shoes. This type of natural leather is ideal for spring, so we couldn't help but include it in the list of suggestions. We recommend this pair of 6043 indigo combined velor women's casual shoes . As you can see, they have a special pattern that will attract all eyes.

We hope you enjoyed our recommendations and that you will choose one of these pairs of shoes for this year's Easter outfit!

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