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Genuine leather straps, perfect for a spring wardrobe


We've already passed the first part of April, so spring is here in full force. It's time to dump her and move on. Cleaning in the house, in life, in thoughts, in food, and in the wardrobe. Because there, when we make room, good things tend to come to us. Well, start with the simple things and move on as you get ready. You will be amazed at what liberating feelings this cleansing process gives rise to.

Give up old clothes and objects, broken or broken things. Repair what you can fix. What not, replace. You got the idea, didn't you? Stop clinging to unnecessary things, surround yourself with beautiful things that bring you joy. So give up old, worn, cracked, or discolored belts and replace them with genuine leather belts, which will add hold and personality of your wardrobe.

Straps are an important part of every wardrobe, successfully combining practicality with aesthetics. Being indispensable, it is good to invest in quality, in order to enjoy for a long time the 2 qualities mentioned. Choose natural leather straps and pay attention to detail. The seams, the buckle, but also the finish are very important. These are indicators that fit a particular style. For example, if your style is elegant, choose belts with a matte finish, minimalist details, and impeccably made. If you opt for the casual style, opt for neutral colors, suede, and even stitching in contrasting colors.

Marelbo's belt collection abounds in the news. What it is? About bold textures, bold color combinations, and buckles in tune with current trends. A collection that sets the tone for spring. So it's worth taking a look and giving your wardrobe a well-deserved refreshment. Be brave and open the dressing room. Now is the time to give up everything old and shabby without regret. Let the freshness of spring come into your home and into your life.

Marelbo, the largest manufacturer of natural leather footwear in the heart of Bukovina, is offering a lot of new products this spring in line with current trends. The prices are just as friendly, but the approach is different. The approach is as bold as you need to be. Change means evolution, so get out of the routine of regular elections. Try something new, change your style and find yourself in what makes you feel best.

Order your favorite belts from the site now or visit our stores. Whatever your choice, you benefit from the seriousness, involvement, and quality at the manufacturer's price. For orders over 250 lei, you have free delivery, so an extra reason to rejoice. And if you have any questions or concerns about Marelbo products, our advisors are happy to help.

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