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How can you wear casual shoes with high soles in various everyday outfits?

Casual shoes can be the best "friends" of your everyday outfits. They are comfortable, they fit very well with both dresses and pants and you will be able to wear them even at work. If you want to complete your footwear collection with exceptional models, below we will give you some ideas on how to wear women's casual shoes for various everyday outfits. We hope you find our ideas interesting and put them into practice.

On various dresses

You'll probably say that dresses are too elegant to be worn with such shoes, but keep in mind that the rules of fashion change quite often. Thus, even in a steamy dress, casual shoes will fit snugly. An eloquent example would be an oversized, plain, white dress, worn with a leather jacket to match a pair of casual shoes in a shade that stands out.

Our recommendation is to choose these 6051 sand women's casual shoes . They are made of natural leather and as you can see from the image, they have a special floral pattern, obtained with the help of very small perforations. Doesn't that look great?

Straight and short skirts

When you want to wear an outfit with a skirt and you don't know exactly what to choose, our suggestion is a straight, short skirt. If you opt for a skirt with a palm above the knee, it can be an ideal outfit even for the office, if you do not have a required dress code. For a successful outfit, you can combine a straight denim skirt, either light blue or another neutral color, a printed T-shirt (whatever you like), an oversized cardigan and a pair of high-heeled shoes.

For example, you can opt for a pair of 6043 Capuchin Women's Casual Shoes . They are made of buffalo leather and camouflage leather, for a special look. As you can see from the image below, they have a special model, army-inspired, so it will be very easy to match them. The sole is raised, but it is still very comfortable. You will be able to wear your shoes for a whole day without any problems.

[ productgallery:4958:2:home_default]

Flared pants

You've probably noticed that in recent years, flared pants have re-entered our attention. Whether we are talking about jeans, elegant or casual pants, the flared models look very good. Contrary to many people's beliefs, they can be worn by petite people, along with a pair of high-heeled shoes. Thus, we recommend a pair of high-waisted jeans, flared and split at the ankle, so that the shoes can be seen, and as shoes you can choose these Women's casual shoes 6047 beige combined . They are made of combination leather, in special shades, so they are very easy to match.

We hope you find the information provided helpful and that you choose the recommended shoes for a variety of outfits.

If you've come this far, thank you and wish you a wonderful day!

Sincerely, Maria


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