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Ideas of platform sandals that are perfect for dainty ladies

A pair of women's sandals with platform will encourage you to refresh your wardrobe. The orthopedic sole has been in trend for years and for a well-founded reason, this simple and modern heel has advantages that surpass other options for high heels, offering the perfect balance between comfort and stability.

Orthopedic platform sandals are created with thick soles and are usually made of lightweight materials, cork and/or rubber, providing an extra level of comfort and impact absorption, making them perfect for people suffering from pain. of feet. Orthopedic platforms offer a uniform height distribution, so you look taller and thinner. Thanks to this design, no matter how high the heels are, they are comfortable.

Because platforms are considered heels, they are associated with casual, smart-casual outfits. You can wear them with dresses and skirts, but they will also look great with pants. They fit almost anything you want. And it always looks amazing.

The benefits of a pair of platform sandals

• Unlike high and thin heeled sandals, the platforms allow you to feel comfortable all day, thanks to their design. They are ideal when you want to add something chic and high to your summer outfit. You can wear them daily, at the office, in the park or even at a special event.

• Platform sandals are perfect for ladies who want to learn to walk with high heels because they offer more balance and support when walking.

• Even if the platform dimensions are larger, this does not mean that they are heavy. The high sole of the sandals is light and very comfortable.

• Platform sandals are popular, being worn by international celebrities and influencers. They suit both formal and informal events. It also depends a lot on the clothing chosen, so that it is in line with the theme of the event.

• The thick sole will protect the foot from uneven surfaces and therefore from possible injuries. The same can be said of a pair of sandals with a thin sole, in which the foot will feel every pebble.

• Their appearance is aesthetic and attractive. Even celebrities regularly appear in high-heeled sandals and look great. Every time.

• Platform sandals add extra centimeters, but without compromising comfort.

• Looks great with almost any skirt or dress, whether it's short or long, making your ankles look thinner.

• High-heeled sandals are on trend this year and are perfect for dainty ladies.

Pay attention to the following situations

• It is true that platform sandals are very comfortable, but you must not forget that they have high heels and you should be careful when walking more alert or when dancing.

• Pay attention to the surface of the road you are walking on. For example, on a paved road, your foot may move to one side. It's pretty painful just to imagine, not to mention a real injury.

• Another thing we can add here is that, despite the fact that platform sandals look great with skirts and dresses, avoid wearing them with too tight outfits. There seems to be no balance between large platforms and tight outfits. And we don't say it, say the specialists in the field.

What outfits can we match high-heeled sandals with?

• Maxi shafts.

• Jumpsuits.

• Shorts.

• Bohemian outfits, made of asymmetrical, unconventional dresses with butterfly sleeves and ruffles.

• Charleston wide jeans and pants

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