5 important aspects in choosing elegant men's shoes


When was the last time you bought a pair of elegant shoes? We know that choosing this type of footwear is not easy, especially if you have the impression that only certain models or colors can be considered elegant. In the following, we want to briefly present five aspects that you need to pay attention to when choosing elegant men's shoes . Not only the color plays an important role and it is not always mandatory to choose black shoes. It is good that the shoes complete the outfit perfectly and allow you to experiment as much as possible, to show your personality. We will always recommend elegant shoes made of natural leather, and below we will explain why.


Many people feel that the only color accepted as elegant is black. However, in reality almost any shade can be considered elegant. Much more important are the other features of the shoes, such as the pattern and the seams. Thus, your wardrobe should not lack elegant shoes in different colors and even in gradients. You can opt for shoes in shades of brown, reddish brown, dark green, dark navy blue and the list goes on. Allow yourself to experiment with various outfits to match elegant shoes in different colors.


Stitches are also very important. If you look at the main categories of elegant shoes, you will notice that there are certain patterns of stitches. Thus, they should not stand out too much, but only to complete the model of the shoes and possibly be the "icing on the cake" when it comes to details.


As a material, we will always recommend natural leather. Nothing compares to a pair of shoes made of natural leather, whether it is smooth, lacquered or turned. Natural leather has a certain elegance that cannot be compared to anything. If you have older natural leather shoes, you have probably noticed that the way they are wrinkled is special, adding personality to the shoes. Therefore, if you want elegant shoes, you must opt ​​for natural leather.


In principle, when it comes to elegant shoes, it is good that the model is as simple as possible. However, there are also some types of elegant shoes where small design elements make the difference. The simplest example is elegant shoes with perforated leather. The small perforations will have both a decorative role, being discreet, but also a practical role, because they will ensure all the comfort you need.


Last but not least, we need to talk about price. You probably have the impression that elegant shoes are very expensive, especially if we are talking about natural leather shoes. At Marelbo you will always find quality shoes, made of natural leather, at advantageous prices, by the manufacturer, regardless of whether you buy them from physical stores or from the website.

We hope this information helps you, and we look forward to seeing you on your site or in the Marelbo store in your city as soon as possible to choose your favorite pair of elegant men's shoes.

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