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Learn to walk on heels correctly and quickly: here are our tips!

Walking on heels may seem quite difficult, but with a little exercise and perfect shoes, it will be such an easy activity that you will wonder why you didn't try earlier. The heels are perfect for elegant outfits, for events where you want to look really good or simply for everyday outfits, to feel better and to look even better.

Why don't many people manage to walk properly on their heels or complain of foot pain after only a few minutes? First of all, because of the technique of walking on heels. Heeled shoes completely change the way your body weight is supported. Basically, there will be only two points of contact of the sole, instead of the entire surface of the sole, and 90% of the weight rests on the tip of the foot, which makes everything much more difficult. So, first of all, walking on heels is a balancing exercise, so that you can learn to balance your body weight and at the same time walk correctly.

How to walk correctly on heels?

If you haven't walked on heels before or if you don't master technical perfection, the first thing you need to learn is the right step. First of all, you have to keep in mind that the correct step is made from the heel to the top. Then, you will have to adapt your walking style: when you are on heels until you learn to walk perfectly, we recommend you to take small steps. You don't even have to exaggerate and go very slowly: it's enough to shorten your normal step a little. Walking slowly will teach you to have control over your steps and to maintain your correct posture while walking.

Posture is especially important: when walking on heels, the abdomen should be slightly tense so that you can keep your balance. Be careful not to feel pain or muscle fever, but only to rely on your abdominal muscles to keep your body straight.

Another aspect to pay attention to is relaxation while walking. The biggest mistake you can make is to go tense. Relax your hips and do not do robotic movements. If you notice women walking correctly on heels, you will see that their gait is very easily swayed, which gives them grace and stability, regardless of the size of the heels.

Ideal shoes for beginners

In addition to walking techniques, it is important to have the right shoes with you. If you are a beginner in heels, we recommend that you do not venture into shoes with very high and thin heels. For starters, choose elegant women's shoes with heel up to 9 cm and make sure it is a thicker heel, possibly square. Ideally, you should start with shoes with 5-6 cm heels, and after gaining courage, experiment and choose larger and larger heels.

Not only the shape of the heels and the height are important, but also the material from which the shoes are made. As you probably already know, the feet swell during the day, and when heeled shoes are worn, this process is accelerated. Therefore, it is ideal to choose shoes made of 100% natural leather, regardless of their type, and to be half the number. Thus, when the feet begin to swell, they will have the necessary space, and the skin being naturally elastic, will allow you to move freely, without feeling pressure or pain.

In conclusion, we would like to know if this information is helpful and if you have the courage to try to walk on heels!

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