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Spring brings news for ladies and gentlemen from Marelbo: here are the casual shoes you can order during this period!

Didn't you just wait until March to change your wardrobe? No matter how beautiful the winter clothes are and no matter how warm the boots are, nothing compares to shoes, more precisely to casual shoes. You can wear them with any type of outfit you want, whether we are referring to outfits for the office, for going out in the city, for shopping or even for walks. Casual shoes are suitable even for daytime events, where you do not need an elegant outfit or where there is no imposed dress code.

This spring, Marelbo has prepared for you the most beautiful pairs of ladies casual shoes . Thus, both on our website and in the over 50 stores across the country, you will find the new collection of casual shoes for ladies and gentlemen. All models are made of natural leather, so you can enjoy this shoe for a long time from now on and benefit from all the comfort offered by natural leather. In the following, we will present you only some of the models from the new collection from Marelbo!

For starters, we recommend a pair of black shoes. As you probably already know, black shoes are versatile, so you can wear them whenever you are not inspired by the composition of an outfit or when you want your attention to be focused on the outfit, not on the shoes. These 6039 black women's casual shoes add a touch of elegance to your outfit. Also, if you like to wear heels, but you also love comfort, these shoes will quickly become your favorites.

[productgallery: 4807: 2: home_default]

For the days when you want the accent to fall on the shoes and also for the moments when you need comfortable shoes, which allow you to walk a lot, we recommend this special model: 6043 Capuchin Women's Casual Shoes . They can be successfully matched with a simple outfit or if you want to dare, you can wear them with an extravagant outfit, complementing it. They have a high sole, but very comfortable and fit both skirts or dresses, but also pants.

[productgallery: 4958: 2: home_default]

Do you like to catch everyone's eye? Then you will need a special pair of shoes. Introducing these 6040 Capucino Women's Casual Shoes . Even if at first glance they seem a bit high for a pair of casual shoes, we have to tell you that they are comfortable and suitable for anyone. At the end of the day, you will not experience leg pain or other discomfort. They can be worn in bold outfits or they can become star of the outfit ".

[productgallery: 4798: 2: home_default]

If you liked these shoe designs, you should know that you can order them from the Marelbo website or you can buy them directly from the Marelbo store in your city. We also encourage you to view the other models of shoes, because you will surely find more pairs to your liking, which will complete your collection.

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