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The suit and importance of elegant men's shoes


Women are always extremely chic, but this does not mean that men should be inferior. Most often, a man's wardrobe includes a lot of costumes, each created for special occasions and events, but not only the outfit itself is important, but especially the color of the shoes, which can create a wow outfit or, on the contrary, ruin it.

Today we stopped at the color chapter, which will help you discover the principles to guide you when completing your outfit.

What men's shoes are worn depending on the color of the suit

Choosing the color of the suit depends, to a large extent, on your personal taste. Don't limit yourself to the shade of black or navy blue, when the range of options is much larger. Here are the suits worn by men who want to keep up with fashion:


Gray suits are considered to be kept more relaxed, therefore, in terms of elegant men's shoes the most suitable shades are: brown, cherries , black or even red. Obviously, depending on the gray shade of the men's suit, the colors of the shoes can also vary. Thus, for a charcoal gray suit, a good option is to wear black shoes. 

The navy suit

Lately, men have become more and more attracted to suits of this color, which challenges them to special combinations. If you are part of this category, you are bold and do not shy away from wearing black, brown or even red or cherry shoes. It is important to choose what defines you as a personality.

The black

The black suit is the favorite variant of men of any age, given that black is versatile and goes well with anything. It is preferable not to wear a black suit with brown shoes, but if it is made of light materials you can wear it with a pair of sneakers, to participate in relaxed events.

Brown suit

And brown suits are preferred by gentlemen, and they match very well with shoes in the same color. The rule says that shoes should always be in a darker tone, so you should opt for darker brown shoes than the shade of the suit.

Choosing the right socks when wearing elegant shoes

Not only the choice of suit and men's shoes are important, but also the socks you wear to the outfit. Because choosing the right socks can be a difficult decision, we offer you some important tips to help you:

  • Socks must be the right length, so that when you sit down you can't see your foot between the length of your pants and sock;

  • Do not match socks with shoes, but make sure there is a discordant note between them;

  • Do not choose stockings with patterns or textures;

  • Do not wear white stockings to elegant outfits.

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