Tips for wearing men's boots in the cold season


Boots are the most comfortable and practical type of footwear for the cold season, especially when it comes to men's footwear. Unlike boots, boots can be more easily integrated into various outfits and can be worn even on the coldest days. There are many models to choose from. , including on our website and in Marelbo stores. You can opt for elegant boots, casual boots or sports boots, made of various types of leather. In terms of their chromatics, you can opt for plain boots or boots made of several types of leather (for example gray and black).

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Although they are so popular and go well with any outfit, if you don't want to be stylistically flawed, you need a few tips. In the following, we will present you some tips that will help you to wear men's boots in the cold season, regardless of the temperatures.

Elegant boots and outfits

At first glance, you'll probably say that boots don't fit well in elegant outfits, but their model is very important. At Marelbo, you will find elegant, simple boots that can be worn successfully even at special events. For elegant outfits, you can opt for smooth leather boots, patent leather boots or suede boots. For example, you can combine an office suit with such a pair of boots and a coat. If you prefer a more practical style, you can integrate elegant boots into smart casual outfits, along with the right pants. We guarantee that the visual effect will be very beautiful!

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Casual boots and outfits

More than ever, in winter you prefer casual outfits that keep you warm and practical. Thus, you can choose a simple outfit consisting of a pair of jeans, a sweater and a jacket, to which you can match a pair of boot style boots. If you want a more carefully studied outfit, you can opt for a shirt, a cardigan, a jacket and a pair of boots made of suede. An example of casual boots is this pair of 4125 combined indigo men's boots . As you can see, it has a design reminiscent of sports shoes and you can wear it in various outfits, including casual. The boots are made of box leather and patent leather.

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Sportswear and boots

You might say you can't wear boots to sportswear, but that's possible. You can choose a pair of thick sweatpants, made of cotton, a sweatshirt with or without a hood, a sports jacket and a pair of casual or even sports boots. In our online store and in physical stores you will find sports boots that you can successfully integrate into your favorite outfits.

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These are just some of the tips we can give you to properly integrate your boots into the perfect outfit for the cold season. Enter our website or come to Marelbo stores to choose your favorite boots!

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