What kind of colors can you choose for men's shoes this summer?


You are invited to many events this summer, but you do not know exactly what shoes you can choose to match it with the special outfits you have chosen? Don't worry, we have some recommendations for you, which we will present below. There are pairs of elegant men's shoes, in special colors, that you can wear to events this summer. 

First of all, we recommend shades of brown, burgundy, or red. They fit very well especially with outfits in shades of blue or gray, as elements that attract attention. Although you can wear such shoes in any season, we guarantee that they will look great in summer. A first recommendation is this pair of elegant men's 937 brandy shoes. As you can see, they have a special color and a minimalist design, which makes them suitable to be matched with any outfit. Due to the discreet perforations, they are also ideal on hot days, because the foot is very well ventilated. Also, the perforations create a very beautiful and elegant model. You can wear these shoes for both business outfits and elegant or smart casual outfits. You will find them very comfortable and easy to match. 

We stay in the same color area and we also recommend a pair of elegant men's 940 coffee shoes. They are suitable for occasional outfits, for an exclusive party in particular. They have waxed laces, in the same tone as the shoes, so that the general image is complete. They have a light and flexible sole and you will notice how easily they match any elegant outfit. We are sure that they will quickly become some of your favorites. 

From brown tones, we move to bolder tones, such as green. Have you ever worn green shoes? Although we do not refer to green shoes that stand out a lot, you will notice how the whole outfit changes by matching such a pair of shoes. Our recommendation is this pair of elegant men's 937 green shoes. Not only the color positions them in the category of special shoes, defined by the attention to detail, but also the minimalist, effective design. They have discreet perforations, which complete the design and offer comfort during hot days. They are comfortable and very durable, so you will enjoy them for a long time to come. 

Last but not least, we present you with a pair of elegant 933 gray men's shoes. Although at first glance you might say that gray shoes are extremely difficult to match, in reality, it is not. They will definitely find their place in your wardrobe because you can wear them both for business outfits and to outfits for special events. They are comfortable, durable, and have a very light sole. 

All these shoes can be ordered from Marelbo, from the category of elegant men's shoes or you can go to one of the over 50 Marelbo stores to order them.

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