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What men's shoes can be worn with jeans? Here are some tips for a carefully studied outfit!

Shoes are just as important as clothing when you want to make an outfit, whether it's for a day or an event. Many people focus on clothing and then choose a totally inappropriate pair of shoes. Such situations can be easily avoided if you follow a few simple style rules. In the following, we will tell you how you can match jeans with men's elegant shoes > and more, so that it fits perfectly and you don't make any clothing mistakes.

Why jeans and shoes?

This stylistic combination is one of the most beloved, regardless of the type of outfit we are referring to. In recent years, the rules of fashion have relaxed and we have been able to enjoy other clothing styles, such as smart casual or casual sports. They offer comfort, without sacrificing the overall look of the outfit, so they can be worn at work if there is no imposed dress code.

Jeans are without a doubt the most popular type of pants and they fit perfectly in any season and in almost any circumstance. You can wear jeans at work, in your free time, at a day event, at a party and so on. However, not all types of shoes fit jeans, as you will see below.

What kind of shoes can you wear with jeans?

One of the criteria on which you can choose shoes is the style of jeans. So, let's start with skinny jeans. They are becoming more and more popular because they are easy to integrate into outfits. For skinny jeans, Oxford shoes are the best fit and this combination can be worn even at an event. Derby shoes are not to be neglected either, but make sure they are exactly your size.

Straight jeans are the most beloved model of jeans and those that offer the greatest freedom in terms of matching. Thus, you can wear straight jeans with moccasins, Derby shoes, Oxford shoes, sports shoes and any kind of boots and boots. Thus, straight jeans can be integrated into any outfit.

For tapered jeans, you will need to choose a shoe model that balances the proportions of the feet. Thus, you can confidently choose a pair of Derby shoes or sports shoes, depending on the occasion.

As you can see, jeans and shoes are a successful combination. You no longer have to think that this type of pants can only be worn with sports shoes or casual shoes. If you are not sure if a pair of shoes would fit the pants, you need to analyze the proportions very well: if the jeans are tighter on the foot, the shoes must be in harmony with them. Thus, you will choose slimmer models, not shoes that will make your soles look very big compared to the rest of your feet.

We hope this information helps you choose the perfect shoes for your jeans!

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