What models of men's boots and shoes can you wear for casual wear?

Who said that choosing men's shoes is much easier than choosing women's shoes? And for gentlemen, there are hundreds of models and sometimes they can be overwhelmed. Most often, gentlemen make the mistake of choosing shoes for casual wear. To ensure that you choose the ideal shoes and boots, here are the things you can wear to a casual outfit in any season. You should also know that at Marelbo you can find all these types of shoes, both online and in physical stores.

Casual suede boots

For the cold season, we recommend two types of men's leather boots: leather boots turned and smooth leather ones. Suede boots are ideal for lighter outfits, on sunny winter days or in late fall. Nothing can match the elegance of suede boots, so if you don't have a pair in your collection, you must try and buy.

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Smooth leather boots

Last but not least, we recommend smooth leather boots. You can choose boots from a single leather type, in a single color, or combined leather boots, depending on your preferences. At Marelbo you will find the most beautiful smooth leather boots, at excellent prices, ideal for winter. You can match them with various outfits, both casual and elegant, and you will feel great in them.

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Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are among the most popular men's shoes, due to the fact that they can be worn successfully even in some elegant outfits. In addition, they can be integrated into smart casual outfits for the office. Derby shoes are suitable even for jeans, but be very careful to be a classic pair, slightly elegant and you must wear a shirt. These shoes have a minimalist look and will never go out of style, due to their timeless lines.

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Oxford Shoes

Many people think that Oxford shoes are ideal only for a formal outfit, but this is not the case at all. You can have in your collection several pairs of Oxford shoes, in different colors and in different types of leather. For example, you can choose shoes in smooth leather, in gradients, which will fit perfectly with casual outfits or outfits for a casual event, possibly with the family. We recommend you not to be afraid and to choose shoes in different shades, not only the classic black, brown or navy blue.

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If we were to choose a single pair of casual shoes that would fit almost any day of the year and with as many outfits as possible, moccasins are definitely the most suitable. They can be worn in summer, in linen trousers, in late spring, in cotton casual trousers, or in early autumn, with jeans. The moccasins are versatile and integrate very well in many stylistic combinations.

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We hope you found the information helpful and don't forget that at Marelbo you can find all these types of men's boots and shoes!

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